We know how annoying it is to be constantly pestered by websites about whether it is okay for them to use Cookies to track your web usage and shopping habits, so we have decided to remove all Cookies from our website except those that are essential!

The only Cookies that this website will set are those for controlling your shopping basket, preventing attacks on our website, and those used by our payment partners to process your payments. Please note that we do not allow other website to set any of these cookie's on your device until you have given us permission to do so. Here is a description of the Cookies that we use:

Basket Cookie

This Cookie is called Basket. It simply records an identification number for your basket so that when you move about or return to the website your basket still contains all of the items that you have chosen.

This Cookie will be set the first time you visit the Buy page, and will expire 30 days after your last visit.

Stripe Cookies

One of our payment partners is called Stripe. When you make a payment using Stripe you enter your payment details on our website and they are sent to Stripe's servers, so Stripe needs to set some Cookies on our website to help process payments. The two Cookies that they set on our Website are called __stripe_mid and __stripe_sid.

These Cookies are only set on the Checkout page, and only once you have agreed to our Terms of Sale. __stripe_mid will expire after 1 year and __stripe_sid will expire after 30 minutes.

More Stripe Cookies

Stripe will also set lots of Cookies on their own domains when you agree to our Terms of Sale. These are necessary at their end in order to process payments. These are described on Stripe's Cookie Page.

Google Cookies

If you visit the Contact page or Subscribe page then you must complete a Captcha before you can send us a message or subscribe to our mailing list. This protects our website from automated bot attacks by refusing to process their request if they cannot prove that they are human. The Captcha we use is provided by Google, who will set some Cookies in your browser. These cookies will only activate when you click on the tickbox accepting the Privacy Policy and use of cookies. Google will use these Cookies to collect data about you in accordance with Google's cookie policy.

For a more technical discussion of the Cookies that we use, please see Section 8 of our Privacy Policy.